Team V awarded second place in Thermenmuseum competition

1 October 2021

Team V Architecture was one of the competitors in the design competition for the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen. On September 29th, the municipality of Heerlen announced that the design of the museum was been awarded to the architectural practice Kraaijvanger Architects in combination with TomDavid architects. Team V was awarded second place.

The Thermenmuseum (thermal baths museum) was built in the 1970s around the oldest excavation in the Netherlands: a Roman bathhouse from the first century AD. Now, fifty years later, the museum is outdated and no longer meets the technical requirements to protect the monument. The municipality is using the renovation of the museum to create an iconic building that will benefit the city and the region. During the design competition, Team V worked closely with OKRA, Aronsohn, Deerns, Architectenbureau Fritz, Bremen Bouwadvies and MJb Groep.


The design by Team V is inspired by the architecture of the Roman thermal baths and the spatial structures of the city of Heerlen. A large part of the original museum, designed by ‘city architect’ Peutz, will be reused. In addition to the roof above the bathhouse, the concrete archive tower and a large part of the basement and foundation have also been preserved. The roof construction above the excavation is raised and reinforced. The tower will be extended vertically and clad with new facades. This will give Heerlen the desired landmark visible from the city perimeter: a shining beacon in the heart of the city.


An impressive new colonnade connects the museum to the neighbouring urban context and creates an open, classic-modern architectural impression, facing towards the city centre. A passageway in the colonnade provides access to an inviting courtyard, where all the museum’s public functions are located, including the main entrance. The design positions the Thermenmuseum in a sequence of cultural buildings and public spaces that Heerlen is building on.


It is part of Team V’s mission to create buildings that contribute to culture and society. The design for the Roman Museum de Thermen illustrates this ambition. Other Team V projects that are exemplary of this mission are the RCO House for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; the theater and cinema halls for Theater Griffioen and Rialto in the New University Building; the New Library of Almere and the Gelderland House of Province in Arnhem.

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