Jeroen at Pakhuis de Zwijger 23 October: The Timber Age

18 October 2019

Jeroen van Schooten will speak on Wednesday 23 October during the VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up : “Timber builders – The start of a new era in circular (residential) construction?”

the Tegenlicht documentary “The wooden age”, the evening is central
to the following: “To reverse the housing shortage in the Netherlands, no
less than one million new homes will have to be built by 2040. A huge
challenge. If they succeed, 55 million tons of CO2 will be released during the
construction of these one million new homes – with a traditional concrete and
concrete construction.

If you were
to build all these dwellings in timber, you would not only save 55 million
tons, but you would also create 45 million tons of co₂ storage in
timber. And the timber also creates a much healthier indoor climate. That
sounds almost too good to be true. Are we on the eve of a construction
revolution, or is a tricky business? “

The speakers, alongside Jeroen, are: Geert Rozinga (Editor-in-Chief VPRO), Pepijn Duijvestein (Director DR2 New Economy and self-timber builder at Schoonschip), Leen Borst (snitker/borst/architecten/, Architect), Gebke van Gaal (Councilor GroenLinks), Bjarne Mastenbroek (SeARCH Architects), Johan-Paul Borreman (Location manager at Derix Gelijmde Houtconstructies).

Tegenlicht Meet Up: The Timber Age
Wednesday, October 23 at 8 p.m. in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.
Admission free, reservations:

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