New project: VrijHaven Amsterdam

12 April 2024

VrijHaven is an ensemble of twelve building blocks with dynamic plinths, created by an exciting team of architects, situated in the south of Amsterdam.

The site, Havenstraatterrein, is a well-known area in the south of Amsterdam: a creative community in between old industrial remnants, historic trams, and informal greenery. The design offers the opportunity for the current local businesses, creatives, and makers to have a space again in the new plan. VrijHaven includes housing for every age bracket – with extra focus on families and specific spaces for creatives. Team V will design four buildings: Origami house, Pergola house, Romney house and Erker house.

“Our sustainable design allows for individual interpretation and adaption. We’re very curious to see how future residents, entrepreneurs, and visitors will make use of it.” – Do Janne Vermeulen

The winning design for the Havenstraatterein has been crafted by Team V Architectuur, Powerhouse Company, Donna van Milligen Bielke, Ard de Vries, Joppe Kusters, and DELVA Landscape Architecture / Urbanism and will be developed by RED Company and Caransa Groep B.V.

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