House Of Province

Markt 11, Arnhem, Nederland

The combination of a new building with the renovation of an existing monument will provide the Province of Gelderland with a sustainable and modern office with a historic character. A 21st century interpretation of the distinctive visual language of the monumental House of Province, a Gesamtkunstwerk from the fifties, is used for the design of the new building. The application of cultural, architectural and physical connections makes the building ensemble into a recognizable whole. Several new routes cross the complex. They improve the contact between inside and outside, add life to the urban fabric and restore the connection between Market and Rhine. The existing courtyard is covered with a durable roof of ETFE pneumatic panels and functions as the reception area and logistic heart of the whole complex. A grand sculptural staircase provides a contemporary addition to the Gesamtkunstwerk. During this PPP project a consortium is responsible for design, building, maintenance and operation (DBMO) for a period of 20 years.