BREEAM Outstanding Post Construction Certificate for HAUT

19 September 2023

The timber hybrid residential tower HAUT scores ‘Outstanding’ with 88% on the BREEAM-NL Post Construction Certificate. The apartment building has been completed in March 2022 and, after an administrative process, the certificate has recently been obtained. From a sustainable timber dream to an ‘Outstanding’ reality.

First residential ‘Outstanding’ building in the Netherlands

At 21 floors, HAUT is the tallest timber hybrid building in the Netherlands, with load-bearing walls and floors made of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). HAUT now serves as an example for architects, developers and contractors worldwide. The building is sustainable on all fronts. Within the nine pillars of BREEAM-NL, 88% of the points have been achieved, making this the first residential building in the Netherlands in the ‘Outstanding’ category. In addition to a CLT supporting structure, HAUT has solar panels in the facade and on the roof, innovative installations, green roof gardens, smart home automation and about 100 bird nests are ‘hidden’ in the facade.


Ever since the team started working on HAUT in 2016, they are advocating the use of mass timber in building design. This project helped to accelerate the shift from traditional construction in concrete and steel to timber as the more sustainable alternative. Team V is currently working on timber hybrid DPG Mediavaert in Amsterdam and plyscraper Amstelwood in Amstelveen, amongst others.

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