The Cube is completed and students move in!

1 October 2021

Student housing complex The Cube in Utrecht was officially opened on Thursday 30 September 2021. Comprising 639 student apartments, basement bicycle parking and 1,000 m2 of public facilities, The Cube is an important development for the city of Utrecht. It relieves the high demand for student accommodation while providing a new impulse for the dilapidated Overvecht neighborhood.

Designed for Healthy Urban Living

The Cube is designed as two embracing towers of fifteen floors, with two open cut-outs that break up the rigid façade design. Large windows with French balconies, terraced collective roof gardens and a pleasant courtyard provide a light and healthy living environment. The cutouts and outdoor terraces create a series of shared indoor and outdoor spaces, such as sport facilities, lounges, study rooms, a library and two laundries. They invite student residents to engage in a healthy, active and social lifestyle, which complies with the municipality’s vision on Healthy Urban Living. Public facilities on the ground floor, such as a café and a training facility, will attract a wider audience, connecting the student community with the current residents of Overvecht.

Quick delivery

The high degree of prefabrication is a feature of the design. Complete façade elements and bathrooms were prefabricated in a factory and assembled quickly and neatly on site. Chief foreman Hans Merath is proud of the result: “I look back with great pleasure on the past year and a half. Despite the challenging corona time, we managed to deliver nine months early. The students can’t get any better housing than this. A great meeting place for the new generation with lots of facilities.”

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