Team V is the architect of Het Gelders Huis

15 January 2015

The PPP project Het Gelders Huis is awarded to consortium IDNova, of which Team V Architecture is part. This was announced by the Provincial Executive of the province of Gelderland on Thursday, January 14th. The project includes the design of a new office building in combination with the renovation of the monumental House of Province in Arnhem. The project will be realized in 2015 and 2016.

The strength of the design by iDNova lies in the use of valuable cultural and historical aspects of the provincial house, and their 21th-century architectural translation. This is for example visible in the façade design of the new building, which reflects the design of the House of the Province. The Sabelpoort, the House of the Province and the new building are literally linked together, allowing them to form a single and recognizable complex. By creating various passages the ensemble forms a connecting link within the urban fabric.

The courtyard of the House of Province is covered with a specially designed atrium roof and will serve as the logistic source and vibrant heart of the building ensemble. The atrium roof ensures a reduction of energy consumption of the entire complex and creates a multifunctional space for meetings in the courtyard. Also a central meeting center will be realized.

By choosing to build a new office building instead of maintaining the Rijnstate building, the comfort requirements of air, light, space, materials and flexibility will be much more improved. The building design has a high degree of flexibility in both use and interior arrangement, allowing it to change along with organizational changes. This way, the building will serve for decades to come as the provincial house of Gelderland, with optimal and contemporary functionality and national stature.

PPP contract

The revitalization of existing buildings and the construction of the new building take place in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with a DBMO contract. With a DBMO contract design, building, maintenance and operation are controlled by one private party for a longer period of time. After delivery of the building, the commission extends over a period of twenty years.

Consortium In Domu Nova BV consists of:

  • Volker Wessels Integral B.V. (integrated project Management)
  • Team V Architecture BV (architectural design)
  • OTH architects (office concept and interior design)
  • DGMR (building physics, durability and safety)
  • Karres & Brands Landscape Architects BV (urban planning and landscape)
  • Valstar Simonis (installations)
  • Bartels Ingenieursbureau (construction)
  • Bouwbedrijf Wessels Rijssen BV (construction, management and maintenance)
  • Visser & Smit Bouw BV (construction, management and maintenance)
  • HOMIJ Techniche Installaties BV (installations)
  • PCH Integrated Facility Management & Services BV (facilities)
  • Architectenbureau Fritz (advisor restoration and maintenance of the monumental building)



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