Start Construction of Bleizo Station

1 November 2016

On October 31 2016 ground has been broken for the construction of Bleizo Station in the Netherlands. The new train stop along the The Hague-Utrecht railway connects train, light rail, bus, car and bike into one transport hub. Designed by Team V Architecture and Arcadis, the transport hub is fully integrated into a scenic bridge over the railway and the A12 highway, giving the station a unique green appearance. Bleizo Station will be open for passengers from December 2018.

Bleizo Avenue

Transport hub Bleizo consists of a green viaduct of over forty meters wide and one hundred ninety meters long. The railway station, light rail, bicycle parking and bus stops are carefully integrated into the railway bridge. The deck acts both as a stop for the light rail and an overpass for pedestrians and cyclists. Trees, hedges and grass give the bridge the looks of a leafy lane: Bleizo Avenue. This friendly and natural appearance is enhanced by the wood-finished ceilings, stone floors and the characteristic tree pattern on the parapets of the bridge and the platform roofs.

Relaxed transfers

Bleizo Station is designed to create an easy and safe transfer between the different means of transport and a faster public transport connection between Rotterdam, The Hague and Gouda. Placed on a raised platform underneath the overpass south of the highway, the spacious transfer hall of the train station is easily visible. The bus stops on the north side are also covered by the deck. The light rail, bus and train platforms are interconnected by wide staircases and transparent glass elevators. Some 700 parking spaces and plenty of bike racks on both sides of the overpass provide the transport hub with a wide range of transfer options.

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