Hotel Arena opens Café-Restaurant PARK

27 October 2016

Café-restaurant PARK in Amsterdam opens its doors on October 24, 2016. The opening represents the first milestone in the great expansion of Hotel Arena. With its design, Team V Architecture puts the monumental building with its face towards the Oosterpark. With its large terrace connected to the park, PARK offers a green enclave in the middle of town.

At the park

Hotel Arena expands with a new hotel wing, two glass pavilions and a new park side entrance. The pavilions are located on either side of the monumental chapel and overlook the park. The high glass facades of the pavilions are designed to make a soft fade between indoors and outdoors. This effect is intensified by the tiles of the terrace, which are continued from the terrace to inside of the restaurant. A wide staircase, now in construction, connects the public terrace directly to the park.

Natural look

Café-Restaurant PARK is located in the pavilion on the side of the ‘s-Gravesandestraat. The other, more remote pavilion accommodates studios for meetings and events. The interior design by TANK is characterized by many plants and earthy colors. There are three different settings: a welcoming lounge, a cozy bistro and a stylish restaurant. Together they can accommodate up to 180 people. The large outdoor terrace lifts the capacity of PARK to more than 350 people.

Expansion according to plan

Besides the two pavilions a new hotel wing with 16 rooms is being built along the ‘s-Gravesandestraat. The Team V design follows the original symmetrical plan of architect A.C. Bleijs dating from 1890. His design for the former St. Elizabeth Orphanage had an expandable structure of wings and connecting corridors, which has never been fully completed. With the expansion of Hotel Arena, the original plan will be carried out in a contemporary way. Additionally, the monumental chapel has been renovated, with the original stained-glass was uncovered and restored. The complete expansion of Hotel Arena will be completed in the spring of 2017.

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Photography: Teo Krijgsman

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