Lansingerland-Zoetermeer Station wins Gemma Smid Architecture Award 2020

18 September 2020

On September 12th, Lansingerland-Zoetermeer Station has won the jury award of the Gemma Smid Architecture Award 2020. “The six nominated buildings are not only functional, but also really add something to the city,” said former alderman Gemma Smid-Marsman, after whom the prize is named because of her commitment to the architecture field in Zoetermeer. The jury award goes to the design with the most appealing architectural quality, which has been realized in Zoetermeer in the past two years.

The jury rapport states: “The jury praises the integral character of the sublime design, in which landscape, urban development and architecture reinforce each other. The whole has a self-evident power. According to the jury, the station has become a surprisingly pleasant ‘secret’ place, in a not yet definable environment. . […] The station is very nicely detailed. The materials are very well chosen. The concrete, natural stone, Corten steel and timber fit together perfectly. The 3D structure and layering of the fence, together with the stairs and timber ceilings with integrated lighting and the greenery; it is an integrated whole. The station has a timeless appearance, partly due to the special use of greenery.

The station is important for the accessibility of Zoetermeer and the connection with the region. Moreover, the station is an excellent exhilarator for the further development of the city. The station is a pioneer in this area and a particularly inviting entry into the city. ”

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