BIM Week at Team V

25 September 2019

In the last week of August, Team V’s focus was on BIM. With lectures,
activities and demonstrations, everyone was immersed in the world of the
Building Information Model. Colleague Robert Jan Pruim made a nice after movie
of this enjoyable and informative week.

BIM Experts

The driving force behind this theme week was the BIM expert team, led by João Carolino. In an interview for our “In conversation with …” section, he talks about how BIM is applied at Team V and about his role as a BIM expert.

Expert teams

Various expert teams are active within Team V. In addition to the BIM team, there are expert teams in the areas of Sustainability, Construction Engineering, Interior, Quality & Process Control, Education and Computional Design. Each team consists of a number of colleagues who are responsible for keeping up-to-date with their own theme. They share their knowledge with the rest of the office, for example during lunch lectures, excursions or a theme week. Together, the expert teams ensure that Team V stays innovative and on top of the latest developments.

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