Do Janne at Pakhuis de Zwijger about sustainability – 19 June

21 May 2024

On Wednesday 19th of June, Do Janne will speak at Pakhuis de Zwijger about what a true sustainable building should be, during an event organised by De Architect.

“Architects can take a key position in realizing sustainable living environments. As pioneers, they stack all kinds of sustainable measures on top of each other for each situation. For large clients, this is often based on a recognized certificate, but they also develop their own calculation tools in preparation for the CO2 tax or use their own common sense. In the latest edition of the Architect, the editors look for excellent examples and inspiring collaborations. And searches for a way through the tangle of all calculation methods.

During this evening we will bring this edition to life. For example, Do Janne Vermeulen (Team V), Janneke van der Velden (Powerhouse Company) and Cécilia Gross (Venhoeven CS) each explain a building in which various sustainable measures have been applied. Jurriaan van Stigt (LEVS) and Guus Degen (ORGA Architecten) present their own developed CO2 calculation method. And finally, Laethitia Nossek (The Dutch Green Building Council) and government architect Francesco Veenstra reflect on what a truly sustainable building is.”

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