Neuron TU/e shortlisted for ARC24 Awards

21 May 2024

Neuron TU Eindhoven has been shortlisted for the ARC24 Awards by De Architect!

“The ARC24Architecture Award is awarded to a recently completed project that is architecturally innovative, has a small footprint or makes an energy-positive contribution. The aim of the prize is to promote economical use of materials and energy sources as an integral part of good architectural design. A design that also blends in with the existing built environment. In addition, in 2024 the jury will look specifically at the cultural value of the submitted architectural projects and they can add additional criteria during the jury consultation.”

“There were many entries for the ARC24 Architecture Award again this year, including many educational buildings, town halls and museums. With a remarkably high percentage of renovation and transformation projects. The independent jury – led by Mechthild Stuhlmacher – will discuss these projects and will present a shortlist of three projects at the end of May. The jury will visit these projects in early June to announce the winner during a festive ceremony on September 26.”

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