New project: Zoetermeer Station by Team V and BoschSlabbers

9 December 2021

The Municipality of Zoetermeer awarded the contract of the design of Station Zoetermeer to Team V Architecture and BoschSlabbers Landscape Architects. The assignment includes the design of a plinth building and a bicycle bridge on the north side of the station, which will be realized from 2023. In addition, the two design offices are considering the structural design for the entire station area. ProRail, NS, HTM, The Hague Metropolitan Area and the Province of South Holland are involved in the project.

The plinth building and the bicycle bridge will ensure that the new Entree district will soon be well connected to Zoetermeer station. Via the bicycle bridge you will be able to walk and cycle directly from the renovated Afrikaweg, over the green roof of the plinth building, to the Mandela Bridge. The plinth building will house a large bicycle shed and a spacious covered passage to the station. The bicycle shed is accessible from the roof of the plinth building and from the ground floor.

For the realization of the bicycle bridge and the plinth building, the municipality has received a subsidy from MoVe, a partnership between the government and the region. The structural design is expected to be adopted by the city council around the summer of 2022, after which the financing options will be examined.

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