Employees a.s.r. are proud of ‘their’ office building

5 July 2016

Our client a.s.r. published two movies about the renovation of their headquarters in Utrecht, in which the building has been captured beautifully.

Proud employees

In the first movie several people talk about the renovation, including a.s.r. CEO Jos Baeten, architect Jeroen van Schooten, construction coordinator Jos Ruijter and several proud a.s.r. employees. During the renovation, the building was kept in use continuously. The movie gives a good picture of this process.

Focus on sustainability

The second movie focuses on sustainability. With a BREEAM Excellen sustainability label, a.s.r. is currently the most sustainable renovated building in The Netherlands. In the movie Fiona van ‘t Hullenaar, Directeur Business Support of a.s.r., explaines that the building is not only beautiful, but also the ‘summum of sustainability’. She takes us along to the space in between the double facade, to the roof covered in solar panels and the impressive boiler room with heat-cold storage.

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