Headquarters a.s.r. nominated for Dutch Daylight award

5 September 2018

The a.s.r. Headquarters has been nominated for the Dutch Daylight awards. The key features of Team V’s transformation strategy include new green atria and a unique glass façade, which allow light to penetrate deep into the heart of the building. Due to these smart solutions and high daylight performance, the building is now a popular workplace for its 4,000 employees.

Daylighting ambition

The façade is composed of repeating angled modules, which minimize the floor edges and maximize the glazed surface area. As a result, daylight penetrates deep into the previously dark office spaces.

Tall atria filled with greenery draw daylight into the deepest parts of the office plan. The bevelled balustrades with integrated workspaces are finished with white corian, reflecting daylight further into the building.

The atria continue down to basement level, where tall trees of 12-14m height are planted. The underground meeting center is lit by roof lights which sit in the garden above.

Would you like to be at the award ceremony? You can register here!

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