Construction Starts on the New Home of the Royal Concert Hall Orchestra

2 October 2017

A historic former school building by prominent Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage will become the new home of the Royal Concert Hall Orchestra. The building, dating from 1914, on the Gabriel Metsustraat 16 in Amsterdam will provide attractive spaces for rehearsal studios, meeting rooms, staff offices and an ensemble room to house intimate concerts. Team V Architecture has used a considered design approach to create purpose built facilities within the structure, allowing the building to accommodate the needs of the orchestra while honoring and preserving the original architecture.

The new home for the RCO will bring the orchestra and it’s staff together under one roof in an ideal and easily accessible location, in the cultural heart of Amsterdam, a stone’s throw from the Concert Hall.

This project fulfills a long-cherished dream of the Royal Concert Hall Orchestra, a fitting home at Museumplein where orchestral musicians, staff members and public can gather together. In 2016 the orchestra was given the opportunity to buy the building and thanks to the support of many generous donors € 6.1 million of the €10 million renovation costs has been donated.

The orchestra hopes to move into the building in 2018, close to the celebration of its 130th birthday, with the RCO House the Royal Concert Hall Orchestra is ready for the future.

Construction photos by ©Jannes Linders

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