Team V designs new accommodation Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

25 August 2016

Team V Architecture has been designing the new premises for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO) in the former Art and Craft School for Girls by architect H.P. Berlage. The municipal monument at the Gabriel Metsu Street in Amsterdam will accommodate an impressive ensemble hall with foyer, rehearsal rooms for musicians and offices with meeting rooms for support staff: The RCO House.

The rectangular building, built in 1918 in distinctive red brick with stone details, roughly consists of an L-shaped school part with at the rear a central staircase and the former executive residence. In order to create an acoustically and spatially qualitative ensemble hall, four classrooms are combined into one large, double-height space. At the rear, two new volumes are added, also in red brick; one high extension behind the school part and a lower volume covering the entire width of the ground floor. A glass skylight will be installed between the new building and the monument, hence the original facade can still be experienced from the foyer.

Visit the website of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra for more information about the construction process:

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