Atlas is the world’s most sustainable education building

1 May 2019

The Atlas building has received a BREEAM Outstanding completion certificate with a score of no less than 96.01%. This puts Atlas at the top of the BREEAM ranking of most sustainable educational buildings in the world. Of all 20,000 certified buildings and projects worldwide, the Atlas building ranks 7th.


“We are extremely proud of this building,” says Nicole Ummelen, Vice-President of TU/e’s Executive Board, who is also housed in Atlas. “One of our most important tasks as a university of technology is to contribute to making the world more sustainable. We do this mainly through our research and by training engineers. But we believe that we should also practice what we preach. That’s why we set the bar very high when it comes to renovating our buildings, and we hope to inspire others with that.”

Better still

In 2016 the building received a BREEAM Outstanding certificate for its design. Back then, the score was 93.86%, also the highest score ever for an educational building. Because of its high BREEAM score and its innovative character Atlas received the International BREEAM Award 2017 in the Education & Healthcare category. Now, following its completion, the score is better still, in part due to the use of even more sustainable materials and through focusing on informing the building’s users. The latter is important because sustainability is partly determined by the behavior of the residents of the building.


BREEAM is one of the two most used systems worldwide to determine the sustainability of buildings. The Dutch Green Building Council is the certifying organization in the Netherlands.

Read more about the sustainable measures in Atlas on the website of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

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