Start Design of Housing Boompjes 60-68 Rotterdam by Team V

29 June 2017

On June 29th, it was announced that the development of two residential towers designed by Team V Architecture at the Boompjes 60-68 on the Maas river in Rotterdam will start. It concerns a 45,000 m² building with 342 apartments in the free sector rental segment, 834 square meters of commercial space and a parking garage with an innovative mobility concept. Construction is expected to start in early 2018. The development of the residential towers is owned by Amvest Investment Management and the joint venture between APF International and Ares Management.

The old office building at the Boompjes 60-68 takes place for a building with a mixed program of living and commercial functions. The two new building towers, one of 70 meters high and one of 100 meters high, are prominent on the Meuse river next to the new ‘Terraced Tower’ (also 100 meters high). The apartments vary in size from 45 to 155 square meters of living space. Team V Architecture is responsible for the architectural design. Characteristic of the building is the special volume build-up: on both sides the towers are widened upwards as they gradually narrow downwards in the longitudinal direction. This makes the building a landmark not to be missed on the Meuse.

The design
The design is primarily aimed at creating optimal living quality in this particular location. “We have chosen to design two slim stepped towers instead of one wide tower,” explains Do Janne Vermeulen, architect and director of Team V Architecture. “This way we can realize more corner homes, allowing a large number of residents to enjoy the spectacular views across the Meuse, Erasmus Bridge and the Old Port in two directions.” At the street level, the building is open and transparent, with an attractive commercial plinth. This open plinth connects the Boompjes with the lower Hertenkade on the other side of the building. The parking takes place under the building and under the Hertenkade.

The area
The project is part of the Maritime District in Rotterdam, which will develop around nine residential towers in the coming years. It promises to be a dynamic area, with a mix of living and working, right next to Blaak Railway Station and near Rotterdam city center.


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