Team V part of the winning team to redevelop the Zwitsal factory site

4 October 2022

Team V is part of the team that will redevelop the former Zwitsal factory site in Apeldoorn. On 30 September 2022 the municipality of Apeldoorn chose Schipper Bosch as their cooperative development partner. The architects of Team V, urban designer ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] and cultural-historical expert SteenhuisMeurs are part of the creative team assembled by Schipper Bosch. In partnership with the municipality, Schipper Bosch and team will work on a development plan to gradually transform Zwitsal into a lively neighborhood with housing, creative industry and leisure: Zwitsal Buitenstad.


Apart from engaging local residents and businesses, the team focuses on cultural-historic values and sustainable, future-proof goals. Most buildings will be preserved. The chimney is to be reduced to its original height, becoming the highest point of the site. There will be new construction for housing, but that will not predominate the site and it will be sustainable: constructed in wood.

Zwitsal creative hub

The Zwitsal site is named after the famous baby care products manufacturer, that opened its factory alongside the Apeldoorn Canal in 1954. After several takeovers, the location was exploited by MSD as a high-tech production site for the biotech industry. Shortly after the departure of MSD in 2011, the municipality bought the site and its buildings with the intention to transform it into a residential area. Due to the economic tide, decreasing demographic growth and restrictions in the national housing policy, these plans were postponed and revised. Since then, the location has steadily developed into a successful and highly valued creative hub, housing a close-knit community of creative entrepreneurs, incubators and start-ups.

A new vision

The success of the creative hub led to a change of vision and incited the municipality to look for a cooperative partner for the redevelopment the Zwitsal site. After an extensive selection process, the municipality chose Schipper Bosch as its trusted development partner. In the next months, the municipality, Schipper Bosch and team, the current group of entrepreneurs on the site, local residents and other stakeholders in Apeldoorn will work on a development plan.

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