Team V designs timber office building for DPG Media

15 September 2020

Team V Architecture is designing a new hybrid timber head office for DPG Media at the Amstel Business Park in Amsterdam. The timber structure offers a healthy, sustainable working environment for the editors of several major Dutch newspapers, magazines and radio shows including De Volkskrant and Qmusic.

With its new Dutch headquarters, DPG Media is creating a communications hub at Amstel Business Park South. In addition to editorial offices and recording studios, the building will include test labs, meeting rooms, restaurants and an event venue with a terrace facing the docks. The new building will be constructed on the existing car park adjacent to the printing house of the media company, so that all Dutch publications, radio stations and online media of DPG Media will work together under one roof.

A healthy and sustainable office building

With ample daylight, multiple green areas throughout the building and sufficient space for both creative interaction and individual concentration, the building design focuses strongly on creating a sustainable, healthy work environment. The primary construction, including the columns and ceilings, is of glulam timber. Architect Do Janne Vermeulen: “Building with timber not only reduces carbon emissions, but wood also demonstrably contributes to the well-being of people. It is fantastic that we can design a large timber-hybrid building after the HAUT residential tower. Hopefully this project will inspire other clients to go for a timber building as well.”

Pioneering in a developing city district

In the coming years, Amstel Business Park Zuid will gradually transform from a traditional business park into a mixed urban area called Werkstad Overamstel – with more space for work and facilities such as a hotel and catering. DPG Media’s head office brings some new and appealing destinations to the area and sets an example for future developments. The building is composed of three connected elements which sit on a continuous plinth of green roof terraces. Ceramic panels which wrap the façade are locally produced. These turquoise-tinted tiles of varying relief shimmer modestly, giving the building a distinct character. The soft building contours, tinted ceramics and green terraces introduce a new, post-industrial language to the raw context of the area.

DPG Media’s new office will be developed by Being. The design team consists of Team V Architecture, Arup, DELVA, SkaaL and DGMR. DPG Media is expected to start using the new office in 2023. Construction is scheduled to start early 2021.

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