Groundbreaking ceremony: timber hybrid head office of DPG Media

1 April 2021

The construction of the largest timber hybrid office in Europe, the new office of DPG Media, officially started on Wednesday 24th of March at the Van der Madeweg in Ouder-Amstel, near Amsterdam. The sustainable and innovative office building, called Mediavaert, is planned to open at the end of 2023.

“Creating an optimal working climate while also avoiding a lot of CO2 emissions: Mediavaert, a pioneering timber building of 46,000 square meters, shows that the two go hand in hand. Thanks to this innovative construction and the extraordinarily green design with modern workplaces and the many roof gardens, the building has an obvious positive ecological impact”, according to DPG Media.

Breaking ground ceremony 
Alderman Alex Boomgaars of the municipality of Ouder-Amstel gave the official go-ahead for construction. He did this in the presence of Christian Van Thillo (executive chairman of DPG Media), Erik Roddenhof (CEO DPG Media), Frits Campagne (chairman of the Supervisory Board of DPG Media), Bas van Dam (CEO of Being Development), Dirk Jan Teeuw, (general director of Gebr. De Koning) and Do Janne Vermeulen (architect-director of Team V Architecture).

We are designing Mediavaert in collaboration with Arup, DGMR and DELVA Landscape Architecture / Urbanism.

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