School kids take lessons in architecture at Team V

25 March 2018

On Sunday, March 25th, twenty kids (8 to 12 years) from the IMC Weekend School from Amsterdam West visited Team V for a lesson in architecture.

Colleagues Andreas Root, Anne van Schooten, Charlot Klinkhamer and Marck Vrieling helped them with creating an architectural drawing of a house.

The children were very impressed by all the materials at Team V. The laser cutter was used extensively, making name tags amongst others. Afterwards, 80% of the participants wanted to become architects when they grow up!

About the IMC Weekend School
The IMC Weekend School introduces curious youngsters from disadvantaged neighborhoods to enthusiastic professionals from various fields: “We organize our lessons in such a way that stimulating and magical moments can occur. We encourage the bravery of our students and offer them a strong network. That way we give them the tools to be who they want to be. ”
More info: visit the site or watch this video from the IMC Weekend School.

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