IMC Weekend School at Team V: kids design their dream house

24 January 2017

On January 22, the Team V office was transformed into a classroom for the IMC Weekend School. Eighteen students (aged 10-14) came by for a lesson in architecture. Under the inspired guidance of Team V architects Frank Bouwman, Marthe Melief and Anne van Schooten the kids designed ‘a dream house for their parents’.

Architect Anne van Schooten: “I was struck by the enthusiasm of the children, the remarkably sharp questions and creative approach to the design. One student came up with the idea to put half a soccer field into his home. He designed a large sliding door, to connect the indoor field with the garden outside, creating one large soccer field. Brilliant!”

The day at Team V was primarily aimed at making the students acquainted with the architectural profession and to get them inspired to make their house designs. The next two Sundays they will continue their assignment; first they will make a model and in the last week they will present their design.

About the IMC Weekend School

The IMC Weekend School lets inquisitive young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods meet with enthusiastic professionals from diverse disciplines: “In our lessons we focus on creating exciting and magical moments. We encourage the assertiveness of our students and provide them with a strong network. We give them the tools to become who they want to be.”

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