The Cube Utrecht tops out

19 March 2021

With a stepped rooftop landscape and two 50-meter-tall vertical accents, The Cube student housing complex forms a landmark in the redeveloped center of the Utrecht district of Overvecht. The building reached its peak in early March.

The Cube consists of two interlocking, stepped, sixteen-floor towers. The series of rooftop gardens, connected to one another by stairs, form two continuous routes that start on the ground floor, recognizable as a timber-finished incision cut out of the brick façade. Collective amenities for students are arranged along this stepped route. At the center of the building lies a shared courtyard. Apart from a number of five-person living units, The Cube largely consists of small independent units of about 21 square meters. In addition, students can use a wide range of shared amenities, such as living rooms and studies, washing rooms, bike storage, and a rooftop garden on each floor.

The clients are Rockfield Real Estate and Van Wijnen Development. The Cube shall be finished by the end of this year.

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