New project in Rotterdam: Hotel Chicago

26 June 2018

On the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam, behind famous Hotel New York, the construction of Hotel Chicago will start in the third quarter of 2019.

Hotel Chicago will consist of two volumes, five and eight storeys high, which are connected by a ‘floating’ swimming pool. The pool has a length of about 25 meters and is part of the wellness centre in the hotel. Between the buildings and under the swimming pool there will be a large square, aimed at increasing the quality of life of the Wilhelminapier. “The bottom of the swimming pool will become as transparent as possible; from the terrace, visitors will see people swimming above their heads and vice versa, the swimmers are able to see the liveliness on the square.”

The volume heights of Hotel Chicago take the height of Hotel New York into account. On one of the buildings, on the side of Hotel New York, there will be a roof terrace. Hotel Chicago will have about 182 hotel rooms, including 18 long stay apartments. The plinth is kept as open as possible and commercial spaces are created with public functions, including a bakery in the hotel, a reference to the baker’s family history where WestCord owner Harry Westers comes from.

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