Hotel Chicago

Wilhelminapier, Rotterdam, Netherlands

A new hotel is to be realised on the historic Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam. The development – on behalf of WestCord Hotels – sits on the plot ‘Chicago’, between Hotel New York and Las Palmas.

Hotel Chicago consists of two volumes of five and eight stories high, connected by a ‘floating’ swimming pool and a two-storey underground car park. The pool, with a length of 25 meters, is an element of the spa and wellness programme.

The hotel will consist of 200 hotel rooms. The ground floor plinth houses a restaurant and commercial functions, including a bakery. A roof terrace is located at the top of the lower volume.

The hotel and catering functions are accessed via a public square which sits between the two hotel volumes. The swimming pool above this space will be largely transparent, so that people swimming above will be visible to those on the square below, and vice versa. This space, which incorporates trees, planting and a terrace, will offer a new and enlivened urban space to the Wilhelminapier.