Headquarters ASR

Archimedeslaan 10, Utrecht, Nederland

The strategy behind the transformation of asr, one of the largest Dutch office buildings from the 1970’s, was to preserve the positive features and renew what needed to be improved upon, thus bringing it in line with current building standards and regulations. New glass facades have given the formerly colossal structure a more open ambience, allowing light to penetrate deep into the heart of the building.

Winter gardens and green atria form the key elements of the architectural concept, creating not only a healthy and pleasant working environment, but also an environmentally friendly building.

The transformation has made the building more energy-efficient, while the streamlined new layout provides room for 2,800 flexible workspaces and a working environment for 4,000 employees.

The building remained in use during the renovation, which has been completed in 2016. The building has been rated ‘BREEAM-NL­ excellent’ for sustainability.