Mediavaert DPG Media

The new hybrid timber headquarters of DPG Media adds a communications hub to the Amsterdam’s developing city district Overamstel. In addition to editorial offices and recording studios for several major Dutch newspapers, magazines and radio shows, the building includes test labs, a meeting centre, restaurants and an engaging event space facing the docks.

Fresh façade

Three connected building elements sit on a continuous base of green roof terraces. The ceramic panels wrapping the façade are locally produced. These turquoise-tinted tiles of varying relief patterns shimmer modestly, giving the building a distinct character. The soft building contours, tinted ceramics and green terraces introduce a new, post-industrial language to the raw context of the area.

Green aspects

The building design focuses strongly on a sustainable, healthy working environment with ample daylight, multiple green areas throughout the building and sufficient space for both creative interaction and focused work. The largest part of the construction, including the columns and ceilings, is composed of glulam wood. Wood not only reduces carbon emissions; it also demonstrably contributes to the well-being of people.

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