Team V designs The Vanzz residential tower at Bijlmer Arena Station

15 June 2023

The Vanzz, a new residential tower of twenty floors (230 rental apartments and a restaurant), will be built just a stone’s throw from the Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station and the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The project is part of the transition of the area Arenapoort, which will transform from a mainly office and event location to a lively urban district in the following years.

Feet in the water

The Vanzz literally has its feet in the water. The high-rise stands on heavy columns and protrudes over the pond. Where the building stands on land, a low-rise part will be built with facilities for residents and a new space for Restaurant & Lounge bar Vanzz, including a large terrace on the water.

Social cohesion

The residential tower will house a varied mix of social, medium-priced and private sector rental apartments, with priority for residents of the surrounding Zuidoost district. Unique about the design is that each floor will have its own shared bicycle shed. This avoids the need for a large, anonymous and often unsafe basements, and therefore creates space in the base for more lively facilities. To promote social cohesion, each floor will also have a collective outdoor terrace at the southern end of the building, overlooking the water. In addition, all apartments will have their own balcony.

Agreement letter signed

The Vanzz is a collaboration between owner Vanzz Holding B.V. and developer SENS Real Estate, with Lingotto as delegated developer. In June 2023, the parties signed the agreement letter for The Vanzz together with the Municipality of Amsterdam. The parties want to start construction at the end of 2024.

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