MIRT Exploration Multimodal Junction Eindhoven has started

3 November 2023

Eindhoven Station is reaching the limits of its capacity. The Neckerspoel bus station, a center in the regional HOV network, is already unable to handle the current number of travelers. And the rail infrastructure (track and platform capacity) is also reaching its capacity limits in the short term. A high-quality multimodal hub as a robust gateway to the Brainport region is needed: a transit hub for trains, buses, cyclists, pedestrians and shared mobility. An international hub that fits the development, position and ambition of the Brainport region Eindhoven and where the regional, national and international connections are located.

Consortium explores options

The Municipality of Eindhoven, the Province of North Brabant, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and ProRail have commissioned the consortium consisting of consultancy and engineering firm Movares, urban planners KCAP and architectural office Team V Architecture for the MIRT Exploration ‘Multimodal Junction Eindhoven’. The consortium will research, design and compare the options for the multimodal node. This leads to a preference decision that is expected to be adopted in 2025.

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