Knightsbridge Hyde Park

Knightsbridge is an apartment block in the new urban district Hyde Park in Hoofddorp. Knightsbridge is prominently located at the beginning of the boulevard that will soon connect the train station to the center of Hoofddorp. The architectural challenge was threefold: to design an iconic building on this prominent spot; to create various well-conceived floor plans for a very diverse group of residents; and, at the same time, abiding to the strong urban plan.

Sun cuts

A key feature of MVRDV’s urban plan for Hyde Park are the ‘sun cuts’ in the building blocks, which should result in maximum sunlight and park views for residents. Architectural diversity is to be achieved by dividing the building blocks, enclosing green courtyards, into various ‘houses’. By means of various volume studies, Team V created a block with six ‘houses’. Sun cuts were placed to provide optimal sunlight and daylight for both the apartments and the inner courtyard of Knightsbridge, as well as for the surrounding buildings.

Six houses

The six ‘houses’ of Knightsbridge vary in height, size, shape, materialisation and housing typology. Together, they provide a wide range of apartment types, including homes for living and working, two-floor apartments, studios and penthouses. The homes offer spacious private balconies or roof terraces. Also, residents have access to a beautiful green courtyard designed by landscape architect Piet Oudolf.

Green and gold

Knightsbridge is clad alternately with natural stone, roof tiles and bricks in various bonds of masonry. Furthermore, the façade designs are defined by various types of balconies or loggias, roof terraces and large cut-outs. On the corner of the main boulevard Knightsbridge rises up to fourteen floors, offering commercial spaces on ground level. With its remarkable façade of green enamelled tile and golden cut-outs, it vividly marks the entrance to the Hyde Park district.

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