Clubhouse Boompjes

Boompjes 60–68 is a site along the busy ring road into central Rotterdam, which runs along a dyke between the River Maas and the Scheepmakershaven. Featuring two residential towers of 70 and 100 metres respectively, this is just one of nine recent high-rise projects transforming Rotterdam’s harbour into a diverse, densely developed city district.

Volume composition

The initial brief featured a stacked tower with a single vertical peak. Team V proposed to split the building volume into two towers, increasing natural light on the lower floors and allowing more corner apartments to be built. This significantly improves the residential quality of the building. Moreover, having the towers increase in depth and incrementally decrease in width results in a more elegant and lighter composition overall. Rooftop gardens are positioned between the two towers, the largest one for communal use. The façade detailing with two shades of champagne-coloured aluminium emphasises the stacking of the volumes.

Two quays

Located on the busy S100 central ring road, the tower features an acoustically effective façade. The outdoor spaces are designed as loggias. The northern side faces the Hertekade, a narrow quay one whole level lower than the adjacent street, the Boompjes. A public route between the two towers creates an extra connection between the two street levels. Split-level shop units are positioned at the corners of the lively plinth, with an entrance and transparent façade to both the Boompjes and Hertekade.

Future cities

Clubouse Boompjes offers new ways of living and an innovative shared mobility concept. Some of the apartments are designed as “friends’ apartments,” which can be shared by two or three friends. These apartments contain two or three equivalent bedrooms with private bathrooms, and a shared living room and kitchen. In the central lobby residents can sit to work, drink coffee, have packages delivered or make a reservation for a car or bike. All residents can make use of a shared electric car and bike park, making Clubhouse Boompjes is a fine example of future urban living.

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