Zoetermeer Central Station

Zoetermeer Station is on the verge of change. The transformation is part of the development of the new Entree residential district, north of the station. At first, the north side of the station will be redesigned with a new station hall, a bicycle parking and the first part of a new bicycle bridge. The aim is to make the station area clear and user-friendly for travellers, attractive for cyclists and pedestrians and better accessible from the surrounding residential areas. The transformation is designed and realized in phases, with the station fully functioning after each phase.

Future perspective

The Municipality’s ambition is to realize a bus platform above the A12 highway and the railway tracks. The platform will be located between the iconic Nelson Mandela pedestrian and bicycle bridge and the Afrikaweg, a busy arterial road. The bicycle bridge and the station hall form the first phase in this development. In the future, the Afrikaweg will become a green boulevard for cars, bicycles and pedestrians, while the Nelson Mandela Bridge will be bicycle-free and transformed into a safe passageway and waiting area for train and bus passengers. The new bicycle route parallel to the Afrikaweg will eventually be extended to the other side of the A12, for a fast bicycle connection between north and south Zoetermeer.

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