Do Janne jury chairman at Dirk Roosenburg Award 2021

15 October 2021

Last evening, as chairman of the jury, Do Janne presented the Dirk Roosenburg Award 2021 to diederendirrix and architecten|en|en for their multifunctional center ‘t Karregat, during a festive meeting in Natlab.

“At ‘t Karregat, the architects have succeeded in translating the solidified remains of Van Klingeren’s non-functioning design ideology into a new building that is both anchored in the neighborhood and also keeps the memory of the experimental beginnings alive. A project that transcends the discussion about beautiful or ugly. In other words: not a particularly ‘beautiful’ project, but an inspiring project’, according to the jury.

The Public Award was won by DomusDela. After the Van Abbe Penning (2020) and the BNA Best Building of the Year Public Award 2020, this project also won the Dirk Roosenburg Public Award 2021. DomusDela won by a narrow margin. The project received 389 out of a total of 1483 votes cast. In second place was Fifth (381 votes) and KEVN (212 votes) in three.

The Dirk Roosenburg Prize is the biennial prize for spatial quality of the municipality of Eindhoven. The aim of the prize is to promote the discussion about the quality of the built environment in the municipality of Eindhoven through public discussion. The organization is in the hands of Architecture Center Eindhoven.”

📷 Jasper Scheffers

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