CrossOver Zuidas is taking shape

15 December 2022

The soon to be finished multipurpose CrossOver building stands in Amsterdam’s southern district. In addition to energy neutrality, the design focuses on health, circularity, mobility and social sustainability to maximise future relevance in our rapidly changing society.

Many of the larger elements used in the construction are removable and reusable, including the steel structures of the prefab concrete elements, the concrete columns, core walls and stairs. The innovative facades, based on a steel frame construction, are clad with stone strips made of recycled brick by Stonecycling. CrossOver has a materials passport and is registered with Madaster (an online register for materials, products and elements that have been used in a building and can be reused). When the building is eventually decommissioned, parts can be reused in other construction projects.

CrossOver will be completed mid 2023.

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