Team V and BOOM Landschap designed a unique residential area for the Vlijweide location in Dordrecht: biodiverse, ecological, distinctive, and adventurous. Plan Vleiland transforms a stony part of Dordrecht, with outdated schools and parking lots, into a water-rich natural landscape that plays with the tides. In Vleiland, nature and housing development go hand in hand. All activities and built elements focus on nature; they are located in nature, offer space for nature and are built with nature.

Living in unique tidal nature

Location on the Vlij, an offshoot of the Biesbosch, Vlijweide has the potential to be transformed into a unique piece of inner-city freshwater tidal nature. One of the most important principles of Plan Vleiland is to create a nature reserve in which both humans and animals will live. The interaction between landscape, populations and organisms is central to the design. By constructing a series of islands at the current bank line, the water surface will be increased, most existing trees can remain standing and part of the ancient Wadden landscape will be restored. Flood and ebb currents are given free rein again, allowing for the species-rich flora and fauna of the freshwater tidal nature to thrive on the sloping banks of the new islands.

Distinctive architecture

The homes in Plan Vleiland are spacious, comfortable and sustainable, with a distinctive architecture. They are built with minimal impact on the environment: climate-friendly according to passive house principles, low on technical installations, energy-efficient and using natural building materials. The sleek shapes and sand and grey tones ensure that the architecture does not distract from what is most important: the experience of nature. The buildings are free-standing or clustered in the sloping landscape, with nature as backyard. The closer to the water, the lower the buildings. The apartment buildings stand high and dry between the trees, clustered single-family homes lie on the shore and villas stand in the water. The shore houses and water villas are accessible via jetties.

Naturally adventurous

All activities and built elements in Plan Vleiland are designed with the water and nature in mind. Houses, bridges, benches and play areas are all made from local, natural materials. A network of walking trails invites people to explore the shores and islands. Boot paths and willow tunnels, pontoons and wobbly bridges, fishing piers and play beaches create an adventurous park for Dordrecht residents of all ages, where the unique freshwater tidal nature can be experienced in different ways.

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