Kiek Duirdan! Coehoorn

Kiek Duirdan! is the name of a new housing development in the city of Arnhem, in the Coehoorn district. Coehoorn is being transformed into an attractive residential area full of creative activity. The district is crossed by a ‘creative route’, connecting the Arnhem Museum, Art Academy ArtEZ and the city centre. Kiek Duirdan! completes this route by introducing a pedestrian connection through its central courtyard. Two spacious entrance gates with light art provide access to the courtyard, which is flanked by creative-cultural functions, such as a music school and a reading café.

Kiek Duirdan has two distinctive architectural faces: urban on the city side and more natural on the park side and in the courtyard. On the Nieuwe Plein, a busy traffic artery, a twelve-storey residential building will arise, with robust brick facades, large windows and noise-free loggias. On the side of the Coehoorn Park, the buildings will be much lower: the three to five story buildings will contain studio apartments with maker space on the ground floor and large roof terraces on top. The façades along the Coehoorn Park and around the courtyard will be largely clad with wood and living green. The green appearance of the courtyard is enhanced by the lush roof gardens, which are accessible to residents.

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