Team V redesigned a loft with a surprisingly light and minimalist interior on the first floor of an historic seventeenth-century warehouse along one of Amsterdam’s main canals. Two block-shaped elements, one made of wood and the other of frosted glass, determine the layout and provide the living functionality of the apartment. The rest of the space is left empty.


The glass element, intersected by a heavy wall that divides the warehouse in two, contains a bathroom, a toilet and wardrobes. The wooden element is built around the common stairwell and houses the entranceway, kitchen cabinets, a laundry, cloakroom and a second bedroom.


The apartment is designed with exceptional attention to detail. The wooden wall is lined with American oak slats of varying height and width. This seemingly random pattern conceals the kitchen cabinets, drawers and doors. Only the stainless steel handles reveal where the doors are located.


The light switches are integrated into the timber wall and the electrical outlets are subtly embedded into the plaster work. The interior shutters, bookcase and the impressive five-metre long solid oak tabletop, supported by two minimalist stainless steel trestles, are a part of the design.

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