Margarida Konig dos Santos


Margarida, of Portuguese and Dutch descent, graduated with a Master of Architectural Engineering in 2014 from the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Previously, she lived in Portugal and divided her time between her Bachelor of Architecture degree and a job at a local architecture studio. The powerful impact of the built environment on communities and quality of life is what drives her design process.

Since starting at Team V, Margarida has been exploring how the architect’s role and process is affected by developments in 3D modelling and data capture. Although the architectural field is traditionally recognised for its focus on design and aesthetics, it is increasingly leaning towards data and software technology with the use of BIM and parametric/generative design. As such, she is forging her career path in architectural design, management and data coordination.

Margarida works on various complex projects and design concepts, such as Station Zoetermeer and Clubhouse Boompjes, and is a valued member of the BIM expert team.