Tessa Tiemstra

Architectural designer

Tessa completed her Architecture studies at the University of Applied Sciences in 2021, having previously gained her Interior Design Diploma at the HMC Wood and Furniture College in Amsterdam. During her studies, she completed an internship as an Interior Designer at AG architects in Haarlem and as an Architectural Draftsman at reA in Amsterdam.

Her architecture career commenced as Architectural Draftsman for UP architecture in Castricum. Tessa came on board at Team V in 2022, wanting to work on larger and more complex architectural projects, and fuel her interest in sustainable and future-focused design.

Tessa has broad interests and believes it is important to think about people, environment and function in the design process. Her broad background in the field of interior and construction technology comes in handy at Team V where she is currently working on the Coehoorn (Kiek Duirdan!) project, which fits her interests exactly in terms of high complexity and sustainability ambitions.