Giorgia Notaro

Architectural designer

Giorgia studied Environmental Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, completing her Master of Architecture in Built Heritage in 2016. In her final year of study she was an exchange student at ULPGC in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), which sparked subsequent travels through Europe. She also lived and worked in Mexico, Africa and Australia before settling in the Netherlands.

Her international experiences allowed Giorgia to explore other cultures and architectural customs, discovering the importance of learning from other people and working together as a team. She always approaches her work with enthusiasm, a spirit of exploration, initiative and perseverance, and is highly motivated in expanding her knowledge of new technologies for sustainable architecture.

Giorgia joined Team V in 2021, and commenced her PEP professional registration programme the following year. She is currently working on various projects, including an office building and apartment tower in Paasheuvelweg in Amsterdam.