Anja Blechen

Senior Architect

With more than 20 years’ experience, Anja works passionately and professionally on complex design assignments and their implementation within the Netherlands and the EU. She has worked on large-scale Dutch infrastructure projects such as Rotterdam Central Station, The Hague Central Station and the current upgrade of Amsterdam South Station.

In addition to her passion for infrastructure, she is highly experienced in designing innovative solutions for residential healthcare and cultural buildings, including theatres and museums such as Schouwburg Amstelveen and De Pont in Tilburg. Having specialised in complex projects for many years, Anja has developed an excellent understanding of various stakeholder interests and operates effectively within them to execute her focus on quality and manufacturability. Because she has a German-speaking background, Anja is also a point of contact for our international projects and acquisitions in central Europe.

Anja is currently working on the Zuidasdok project and Plot A7, a multi-purpose development with housing, social and commercial program at NDSM in Amsterdam North.