Abel van Unen


Abel’s interest in architecture developed during his undergraduate studies in Building Design at the Hogeschool of Utrecht, which he completed in 2015. He took up employment shortly after with building contractor Coen Hagedoorn, but an architectural specialisation continued to beckon.

In 2016, Abel commenced a role as Architectural Designer for Team V, collaborating on design competitions. His enjoyment in this role encouraged him to continue studying and in 2019 Abel graduated with a major in Heritage & Architecture at TU Delft. His thesis focused on converting an historic grenade factory into a mixed-use building including a sports centre, public swimming pool and housing. Luckily, he returned to Team V after completing his studies. Abel is currently working on various projects in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and in the port of Scheveningen.

After completing the Professional Experience Period (PEP) in 2022 Abel acquired the title of Architect. Abel is also a member of the expert team Technical Engineering.