Start construction of HAUT

21 December 2018

Tuesday, the 18th of December, the construction of the highest wooden residential building in the Netherlands has started: HAUT in Amsterdam (73m high, 21 floors, 52 apartments). At the construction site, there was the symbolic planting of a tree, by the supplier of the construction product wood. 

To counter the urgent threat of two degrees of global warming due to CO2 emissions, wood is the right way to store this carbondioxide gas. Impressed by the danger to our world, project developer Lingotto, architect Team V Architecture and advisor Arup have taken the initiative to show with HAUT that timber high-rise buildings can offer a solution here. Timber high-rise is the building method of the future, because it contributes significantly to the guarantee of that future! Consequently, numerous timber high-rise projects have been and are being realized worldwide.

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