CrossOver Zuidas

Crossover is mixed-use to the max. Located at Amsterdam’s Zuidas junction, where the A10 Ring Road meets the Europaboulevard, this building seamlessly blends high-end offices with affordable youth housing. The challenge was to unify diverse functions and people from varied backgrounds into a dynamic, sustainable space. The outcome is a versatile building that’s energy-neutral, circular, green, healthy, and socially inclusive.

Dynamic architecture

Crossover’s design includes dynamic building volumes, green rooftop terraces, and a distinctive brick façade. The structure responds to its surroundings: soundproof facing the A10; tall office towers along Europaboulevard; and a welcoming, intimate vibe on the residential side. Yet, it remains a cohesive entity due to the unifying façade design, featuring a robust grid adorned with nougat-hued brick. The grid’s density and fillings vary based on function and setting, incorporating elements like glass panels, attractive brickwork, and French balconies.

Luxurious and community-oriented

Particularly noteworthy is the combination of high-end offices with social housing. Furthermore the building features ground-floor homes for first-time buyers, a restaurant and two commercial spaces. The multi-tenant office section features a shared lobby linked to the restaurant. Each office floor has access to its own rooftop terrace, contributing to a healthy working environment. The residential part is designed as a ‘Startblok’— a community-oriented social housing concept that brings together Dutch youngsters and status holders. Residents enjoy three rooftop terraces and six thematic meeting spaces, encompassing a cinema, study area, and gym. Since the south-facing façade needed to be soundproof, the apartments have a front door with a ventilation grille on the north side. The apartments are accessed through open galleries surrounding serene, green courtyards — a luxurious touch for this housing type.

Sustainability and Well-being

Crossover excels in sustainability and well-being. It’s energy-neutral, adaptable, climate-resilient, circular, and nature-friendly. The façade boasts brick strips crafted from recycled construction materials, while much of the structure is demountable, contributing to circular practices. Indoor installations free up rooftop space for green gardens with water retention capabilities. The building features a smart mobility terminal offering shared bikes and cars for residents and office users alike. Due to this comprehensive package of sustainability measures, CrossOver became the first mixed-use building in the Netherlands to achieve the highest sustainability label, BREEAM Outstanding. Additionally, the office section achieved a WELL Silver certification, prioritizing a health-supportive work environment.

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