Opening of Neuron – Eindhoven University of Technology

3 April 2023

The renovated campus building Neuron – a former computer centre – has been opened last week. Neuron has been designed to become a lively and inspiring place where people learn, collaborate, meet, discover and experience. Neuron houses the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI), and also 14 lecture halls, 22 smaller workspaces for students and 400 individual study spaces.

The artwork Loom Room has been created for Neuron by designer Hella Jongerius. It is a 9-meter high artwork, which hangs in the atrium. It connects two floors in the center of the building. Hella Jongerius has created a vertical installation where textile threads lead down from the ceiling. On the first floor, the threads form a textile cube in a twisted and tilted position. Jongerius was inspired by the history of jacquard weaving. That is an automated weaving method from the late 18th century based on punch cards, which is known as the forerunner of modern computer programming.

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