Jeroen van Schooten lectures about ‘Making Architecture’ at TU/Eindhoven

14 December 2018

On Thursday, the 13th of December, Jeroen van Schooten held a lecture for the series ‘Making Architecture’ at the University of Technology Eindhoven, together with Kees Kaan (Kaan Architecten), about House of Province Gelderland and the public transport hub Zuidasdok in Amsterdam.

In the lecture series ‘Making’ Architecture, organized by AnArchi, Study Association for Architecture, and Juliette Bekkering of The Chair of Architectural Design and Engineering (ADE) at the TU Eindhoven, two architects will give a double lecture about their views on ‘making’ architecture. The double lecture format creates an exciting dynamic and provides insight in how different architects from different offices in fact deal with the making of architecture. They will therefore elaborate on a number of projects that show how the process of making, from concept to building, unfolds for that particular speaker and office. The event will take place in the Filmzaal of the Zwarte Doos at the TU Eindhoven and access is free!


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