A Conversation with… Senior Technical Designer Job Stuijt

24 October 2017

In this month’s issue of “In conversation with …”, we talk to Job Stuijt, one of our technical designers. In this interview we discuss his architectural inspirations, the project that has most influenced him as a designer and his favorite aspects of working at Team V.

Can you tell us more about your motivation to study architecture?

By the time I was in high school (VMBO) I had decided that I wanted to study architecture. Growing up I was surrounded by family friends and relatives that worked in construction and I think this had a great influence on my decision making. I was interested in drawing and spatial reasoning and realized I wanted to work within the construction industry in a creative field. The more I learnt about it the easier it became to make the decision.

Which project has stood out as the most exceptional during your career?

Luckily I have been given the opportunity to work on many exceptional projects. The first was the New Babylon in The Hague with Meyer and Van Schooten Architects. After this I was given more responsibility and worked on the completion of the Kromhout Kazerne. This led on to the Headquarters of A.S.R. in Utrecht, the first project in which I undertook the role of Project Leader (see picture). Addressing the challenges presented by larger projects is very satisfying and the smaller projects become very personal, for example, a house renovation I worked on at Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam.

What type of building would you like to make in the future?

I don’t have a specific wish list for building types but I hope to work on other innovative and exciting projects. Fortunately Team V has the same aspirations and the projects the office undertakes are always different and original. I enjoy all aspects of design from masterplanning  to specific detailing.

Tell us a bit about working at Team V.

Team V is a young and enthusiastic company which encourages its employees to explore their potential. The company aspires to connect with clients who wish to create exceptional architecture, which makes the job of designer very exciting and engaging. Creatively there is a lot of freedom and everyone is open to new and exciting ideas. The projects within the office are complex and challenging making it a very inspiring place to work.

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